about us

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What We Do

We run face to face workshops and deliver online courses to empower, educate and inspire parents who want to get more out of family life.

Our programmes gather the most recent and relevant information from the world of neuroscience, education and psychotherapy and translate it into practical, real world material.


Why We Do It

It's simple - because being a parent is important and here at mellownest we know that happy children means happy parents.

Our mission is to equip parents with the knowledge, skills and tools for raising happy, confident and connected children.

Who's It For?

Parents who are curious to learn more about child development and understand what's going on in those little heads!

Parents who feel like they want to put more fun into the daily routine.

Parents who want to be able to tackle the difficult times differently!

nneka and claire


Nneka Ikeogu

Consultant Psychologist

I have a background in (and a love for!) psychology, and I am a qualified Educational and Child Psychologist.

The thing that interests me the most about working with children and families is figuring out why they do what they do and helping them to understand this better.

I feel great about the work that I do when I make a genuine connection with people and help them to do the same with others.

I come from a very large family, with one niece and several younger cousins who I love spending time with doing all the fun stuff - and then handing back! 

My favourite TED Talk is ‘Every kid needs a champion’ by Rita Pierson...because it’s all about relationships.

Claire Taylor

Wellbeing Consultant

I’ve spent the last nine years helping children and young people manage the tough times so they can get on with the business of growing up.

I’ve trained hundreds of school staff, helping them to understand what children need to become happy, resilient and successful.

My background is in psychology and counselling.

I love what I do outside of work too – I read a LOT of child psychology books!

 I’m learning what works for me the hard way, by reflecting and making little changes.

I have a quiet husband, a noisy todder and I live in the glamorous north of England!