Private workshops

Does your child's behaviour sometimes leave you completely stumped?

Do you just want to have fun and enjoy your kids more? 

Are you interested in learning about an alternative, mindful approach to parenting?


Our workshops have been described as fun, relaxed and game-changing.

Now you can book a private workshop in the comfort of your own home or local venue with your friends and family. 

Benefits of private workshops:

- Quick and easy to arrange

- Range of relevant and exciting topics to choose from

- Bespoke content for each group (If you've all got toddlers, we'll talk toddlers!) 

- Flexible pricing structure depending on numbers and venue


Once you attend one of our workshops we consider you part of the Mellownest family. That means you'll automatically get FREE access to our fantastic resource library packed with e-guides, workbooks and ideas for family fun.

You'll also be the first in line for discounts on future events and online resources.


Need to know a little more about us?

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We're Claire and Nneka

As a qualified child psychologist and emotional wellbeing expert we've helped hundreds of families to adjust their mindsets, learn new tools and enjoy their time together more. Read more about us individually here

We think we can do the same for your family.


People say the nicest things...

I went to my first Workshop yesterday and it was absolutely brilliant. I have a 5-year old boy and I only wish I'd had this a few years ago...Nneka and Claire's bags of knowledge and experience with children, coupled with humour and calm, led to many light bulb moments and lots of laughs. Really want my husband to go now... and in fact any parent of young children, grandparent or professional working with children...Can't recommend Mellownest highly enough and am just looking forward to them running more sessions.

Leeds workshop - May 2017

I attended a fabulous session run by Claire and Nneka from MellowNest "The Science of Happy Children" at the weekend. It was so interesting to hear the reasons behind certain behaviours but also so comforting to hear that us parents are all in the same boat and we face the same daily struggles with our little ones. I would definitely recommend attending one of their sessions. Thank you Claire and Nneka.

Liverpool workshop - Feb 2018

The workshops

The Science of Happy Children

Our signature 3 hour workshop

Are you ever completely bewildered by your child’s behaviour? This session provides the bedrock of our knowledge about how children learn, play and behave. We’ll start at the beginning explaining how the brain develops from birth and how parents can directly influence the way in which their child matures.  Learn simple and practical techniques to nip negative behaviours in the bud and have a step-by-step guide for managing those really big feelings when they do happen. 

Key takeaways include:

  • Why children behave in challenging ways
  • Effective strategies for minimising the drama
  • How to fill your child’s emotional cup
  • The simple 3 step rule for setting boundaries

Gentle Discipline - parenting without punishment

2 hours

Have you felt that there must be a better way than the naughty step and time-out but don't actually know what alternative tools to use? In this workshop we'll explore the power of using your relationship to set gentle, effective limits for your child. You'll learn about how to manage behaviours and emotions in a positive way, enabling your child to develop self-regulation tools of their own.

Key takeaways include:

  • The role of effective praise and the power of connection
  • What your child's behaviour is really telling you
  • Proactive tools to minimise and manage challenging behaviour
  • A game plan for managing tantrums and agression in children

The Science of Simple - how to slow down your family

90 minutes

Ever feel tired of always rushing? Does it feel like everything is always a big stress? Do you worry about your children feeling overloaded or about the amount of screen time they have? Learn about the factors that contribute to this feeling of 'too much' and understand how some simple changes can help your family to feel happier and calmer.

Key takeaways include:

• Reduce the feelings of stress and rush in your family
• How to embrace less in toys, routines and expectations
• Ideas for managing your child’s screen time

The Science of Resilience - raising children who can cope

90 minutes

How do you raise children to be happy, emotionally healthy and resilient? It's basically all about emotions! In this workshop, we focus on ways in which you can help your child to manage their big feelings through using the languages of emotions and play.  

Key takeaways include:

• How to use emotion coaching
• The genius of playful parenting
• Why big feelings are a good thing

The Science of Mindful Parenting - your secret superpower

90 minutes

This workshop will focus on the influence that parents have on their children, and how understanding yourself as a parent can make a huge difference to how you feel about and how you respond to those trickier parenting moments. It's all too easy to get sucked into your child’s behaviour, but in this session, we'll look at what you can do to avoid the drama.

Key takeaways include:

• An understanding of different parenting styles
• How to avoid getting 'hooked' into behaviour
• Why personality types matter

practical bits

How much does a workshop cost?

It depends on the workshop, the number of people and the cost of the venue but prices range from £15 to £25 per head (with a free ticket for the organiser).

Where can I hold a workshop?

We're Leeds-based so private workshops can be held anywhere in the Yorkshire region. If you have a special request and would like us to travel furthur please get in touch and we'll see if it's possible.

Workshops can be hosted at your home or at a convenient, local venue of your choice. The only requirements are that it's big enough for your party, and that it has facilities for providing refreshments.

When can workshops be held?

We can be flexible depending on the requirements of your party. We can consider both weekdays or weekends and shorter (90 minute) workshops can also be held on an evening.

What do I have to do?

If you think you have a group of interested parents (a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20) get in touch and tell us which workshop you'd like to book.

We'll arrange a date with you and once that's confirmed we ask you to let us know where you'd like the workshop to be held. If it will take place at an external venue we'll take over the booking from there. 

We'll then set up a private ticket link so that tickets can be purchased conveniently and safely online. 


Get in touch: for all enquiries and bookings.