The Science of Happy Children


Does your child's behaviour sometimes leave you completely stumped?

Do you just want to have more fun and enjoy your kids more? 

Are you interested in learning about an alternative, mindful approach to parenting?

This is the workshop for you!

Join Nneka and Claire for a relaxed and informal introduction to some new ideas designed help your family life become happier and calmer. 


In the workshop we will:

- Take a fresh look at your parenting perpective and goals.

- Teach you about how a child's brain works differently to ours (trust us, it's useful and you will be amazed!)

- Offer a range of simple tools and strategies to help you to get your children to listen and co-operate more so that everyone is happier.

- Reveal a simple three-step plan for setting a clear limit without the drama. 

- Provide a hot drink (that you can actually drink before it goes cold!) and a biscuit, as well as three hours' worth of adult conversation!


- Once you attend one of our workshops we consider you part of the Mellownest family. That means you'll automatically get access to our fantastic resource library packed with eguides, workbooks and ideas for family fun.

You'll also be the first in line for discounts on future events and online resources.

All for the price of just one ticket! 

Sold? Pick up your ticket here...

Need a little more information?

No problem. 

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Who are we anyway?

As a qualified child psychologist and emotional wellbeing expert we've helped hundreds of families to adjust their mindsets, learn new tools and enjoy their time together more. Read more about us individually here

We think we can do the same for your family.



What age is this workshop targeted at?

We get a range of parents at our workshops. We would generally say this is aimed at parents who have children in the 2 - 8/10 years age range. But if you have a younger toddler and are ahead of the curve you are very welcome!

How would you describe the mellownest parenting approach?

We describe our approach as relationship-centred.

We believe that there are more effective ways to help your children grow and develop than by using punishments and consequences.

We want to spread the message about how easy it is to raise resilient, happier children.

We also feel really strongly that being a parent should be fun and rewarding and in this workshop we aim to get you thinking about how it can be for you.

Is there somewhere I can go to learn more about your approach?

You are very welcome to browse our blogs or follow our Facebook page for daily inspiration on mindful parenting. 

Will I have to talk in front of other people about my children?

Absolutely not. There are parts of the workshop that involve discussion but there is no pressure for you to share unless you want to.

We'll be delivering the content and our aim is to get you thinking. Having said that one of the most common remarks we hear about our workshops is how much parents like to hear that other parents have the same niggles and challenges as them. 

But don't just listen to us - see what previous parents have had to say;

I went to my first Workshop yesterday and it was absolutely brilliant. I have a 5-year old boy and I only wish I'd had this a few years ago...Nneka and Claire's bags of knowledge and experience with children, coupled with humour and calm, lead to many light bulb moments and lots of laughs. Really want my husband to go now... and in fact any parent of young children, grandparent or professional working with children...Can't recommend Mellownest highly enough and am just looking forward to them running more sessions.