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We’re here to change the conversation.

We believe in a more mindful, relationship-centred parenting approach.

.....One that focuses on connection rather than just correction.

.....One in sync with a child’s natural developments and needs.

.....One that prioritises long-term wellbeing over a quick fix.


And most importantly?

.....One where being a parent is more fulfilling and more fun!

Who are we anyway?

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We're Claire and Nneka.

You might be wondering whether we're worth listening to - after all, we don't know your family.

But we do know a lot about psychology, child development and how little brains work.

As a qualified psychologist and emotional wellbeing expert we've helped hundreds of families to adjust their mindsets, learn new tools and get more out of family life!

More than that we're also a mum, an aunt and a daughter - just like you. We know how tough being a parent can be and we're right there alongside you. Read our story.


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Created by a qualified child psychologist

In the library you'll find:

Short practical e-guides on behaviour issues.

Printable positive affirmations for children.

Fun challenges and games for the whole family.

Your parenting questions answered in detail.



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