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Our number one recommendation.

Dr Laura is a Clinical Psychologist with over twently years worth of experience. She expertly describes and explores the links between our own feelings and our children's behaviours. At the heart of this book is a focus on parent-child connection and the power of deepening your relationship with your child.

But this book isn't just theory, it's practical in it's approach and contains scrips and helpful real-life examples to support the understanding of the research behind the practice. 

Set out into clear sections and chapters it makes for easy reading and has a warm non-judgemental tone. This book could change your whole parenting approach - just check out some of the reviews on amazon. 



Written by Dr Dan, a clinical professor of psychiatry and Dr Tina a parenting expert, this book has the best of both worlds. They've sucessfully translated the neuroscience of children's behaviour into an easy to read guide complete with cartoon sections and easy to follow steps and advice.

Reading this book will give you a far better understanding of why your child behaves in the way that they do and how we as parents can support our children to devleop resilience, self control and forward thinking. 

Especially useful for parents who want to understand the science that underlies a more mindful parenting approach it might teach you a thing or two about your brain and behaviour too! 



If you're looking for a guide to slowing down and simplifying your child's life then this is the book for you. In the franetic pace of everyday life it's easy to lose sight of what our children really need from us.

This book will help you get back to basics and move away from the overwhelm of stuff, screens and busyness so that you and your family can focus on the really important things in life. 

Inspiring yet practical it's fantastic for parents of children who struggle with feelings of anxiety or overwhelm or who are looking for a more mindful way of being themselves.



This is a classic. Written by two mums who became experts following taking classes from the great child psychologist Dr Haim Ginott. The book's tone is friendly and realistic and has plenty of cartoon sections and exercises to fill in to really get you thinking about the practical shifts you can make.

This book shows the genius of being more mindful in your communication with your child, the simple shifts that you can make in tone and word choice that make all the difference to the message that your child recieves. 

It has specific chapters on alternatives to punishment and engaging cooperation and even confidently mindful parents will find plenty of simple and effective parenting tips. 


Best resources for children


This simple story about a little girl who feels overwhelmed by worries and the help she gets to conquer her fears is fantastic.

It contains a great message in a simple and format easy that even quite young children will be able understand. 


This story focuses on a mother telling her children a story about the 'invisible string' that connects us in our hearts even when we are apart.

A really useful tool for helping children with seperation anxiety, the story is simple and easy for children to understand and connect with.