Our story

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Before we founded Mellownest we spent our careers working with families of all shapes and sizes. We became passionate about helping families get unstuck from unhelpful patterns of communication and behaviours.

We also spent hours training teachers in the art of understanding emotions and behaviour.

When did we decide we wanted to do this instead?

When we realised the teachers were talking to us not about their pupils but their own children! We began to understand that there was a whole host of mums and dads who instinctively wanted to parent differently but didn’t have the knowledge or tools that they needed to get started. Our mission was clear: to spread the mindful parenting message. 

At the heart of it – we’re bookworms! With two psychology degrees, one doctorate and training in counselling, attachment and parent-child relationships between us, we’re fascinated by research that helps us to have happier, more fulfilled family lives.

We like to think that our secret superhero power is the ability to translate stuffy, hard-to-read theory into practical language and tools that you can actually use to make your family life better in the real world. 

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Before founding Mellownest I trained as an Educational Psychologist and spent several years working in schools with teachers, children, and their families. But it's really the psychology bit that makes what I do so enjoyable. I love sharing what I know in a way that helps people to consider things from a different perspective - seeing the look on people's faces when they have that 'lightbulb moment' is the best! 

I'm passionate about helping families find a different mindset. So much of the focus out there on parenting is on discipline and punishment. But getting children to do something because they're afraid of the consequences doesn't teach them to manage their emotions and behaviours for themselves. 

Sometimes when we get stuck in a negative place with our children it can be hard to see a way out. Often it's just the littlest of nudges that help a family back on track. That's where we can help. Choosing to read our blogs and resources can help you to see your child's and perhaps your own behaviour in a new light. 

From there it's a simple matter of taking action and practising your new found tools - it isn't always easy at first but I've seen so many families transformed in their way of communicating that I know that the effort is worth it. 

So, come on in - read, explore and try ideas out. Find out what works for your family.

After all, what have you got to lose? 


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Before founding Mellownest I’d been working with children and families for years but the real revelation for me was becoming a mother myself. Suddenly I had to use all of the knowledge I had in my own family – and it was HARD!

A huge turning point for me was taking an 8-week Mindfulness based stress reduction course. I found that by becoming more mindful and slowing down in my life and in my parenting that I was happier, calmer and much closer to the mother that I wanted to be. 

I knew from my previous study and career that lots of the accepted parenting wisdom wasn’t for me. I had no intention of using controlled crying or the time-out step and so I began to explore my other options and chose a different parenting path.   

Choosing to parent in a more mindful and connected way isn’t always easy. It means I have to manage my own feelings first and think long-term rather than just looking for a quick fix.  

But I wasn’t just following my instincts. There’s an extensive and growing evidence base letting us know exactly what kids need to thrive.

We just have to be open to it. 

Do I always get it right? – Nope!

Are my children perfect? – Absolutely not!

Am I happy with how I parent? -YES!



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People say the nicest things....

"I went to a brilliant workshop run by Mellownest. It was really interactive. I came away feeling empowered and motivated to connect with my children in fun and playful ways. I have also enjoyed the online resources, articles, blogs and videos. They have given me some great ideas as well as reaffirm that some of my feelings are normal! I would highly recommend Mellownest to any parent or carer but also to people who work closely with children."

"I went to my first Workshop yesterday and it was absolutely brilliant. I have a 5-year old boy and I only wish I'd had this a few years ago...Nneka and Claire's bags of knowledge and experience with children, coupled with humour and calm, lead to many lightbulb moments and lots of laughs. Really want my husband to go now... and in fact any parent of young children, grandparent or professional working with children...Can't recommend Mellownest highly enough and am just looking forward to them running more sessions."