Are you good enough?

How many times have you questioned yourself as parent? “Am I doing it right?” “What if I’m doing it wrong?!”

You may have replayed some of the more difficult situations you’ve been in with your child several times over in your head, thinking you could have – and maybe wishing you had – handled things differently.

You may also have replayed some of these difficult situations in your head thinking you didn’t quite handle things as well as you could have right there and then, but you made up for it later on either by apologising or talking things through more calmly with your child.

And you will no doubt have replayed in your head all those times when you have got it just right – whether in the midst of a difficult moment that you managed to resolve really easily, or just by having a shed load of fun with your child.

Sometimes your connection with your child gets ruptured and you don't put it right. And sometimes it gets ruptured but you later put it right. And sometimes you simply get it right - right off the bat!

If this sounds like you, and you do all of the above at the very least in equal measure, then you can proudly consider yourself to be a good enough parent. Margot Sunderland says so – and so do we!


Oh, and one more thing – the fact that you are browsing a website and reading a blog dedicated to supporting parents to be the best parents they can be in itself tells us you’re actually pretty amazing ;-)